HyProMag - Making Magnets Green

About us

We are a technology start-up from Pforzheim, Germany, specializing in the reprocessing of rare earth-based permanent magnets. Our focus is on the production of magnetic powders, alloys and sintered magnets. In order to provide our customers with high-quality products, we also offer related development services in dismantling magnet-containing scrap, recovering magnets from it, and designing and handling magnets and magnet-containing components in a manner suitable for recycling.

As the company continues to develop, we are enhancing customer benefits by offering IP-protected HPMS (Hydrogen Processing of Magnetic Scrap) technology and other patents for scrap dismantling and powder processing, which offer an extremely environmentally friendly way of producing permanent magnets compared to conventional processes and, in addition to increased sustainability, provide a secure source of supply for the EU's most important raw material that is independent of political influences.

Our Identity

We offer our customers comprehensive expertise across the entire value chain of the recycling of magnets, magnet powder production, magnet production with highly automated sorting, separation and manufacturing technologies based primarily on in-house developed IP.

We are the European leading manufacturer of recycled permanent magnets and magnetic powders of

  • recycled material
  • ethical, sustainable fully traceable primary material
  • corresponding material mixtures
We are flexible with respect to technical, regulatory and economic market and customer requirements
We are precise in meeting all market and customer requirements
We are competent through continuous development of know-how and IP base

Corporate Structure

We, the HyProMag GmbH, act as a sister company of HyProMag limited based in the UK. Learn more about HyPromag limited.